Jeff Levin

Jeff Levin (MBA, CLTC) is the Associate General Agent of PNW Insurance Services. Jeff has been in the long term industry officially for the last 4 years and unofficially since 1999 when his father Don Levin came into the business. After watching Don help so many clients and provide leadership and a legacy for many agents for many years, Jeff decided it was his turn and follow in his father’s footsteps. In just 4 years, Jeff quickly learned the business and has taken on the responsibilities of being an Agent, Field Director, Tech Support, along with being the Associate General Agent.

Jeff grew up knowing that he always wanted to work with his dad and has helped make PNW Insurance Services even more of a family business. Having earned multiple awards for teamwork, Jeff’s satisfaction from this business comes from be able to help others and continues to foster a family environment within agency as well as encouraging and training agents to be a member of their clients’ extended family. Jeff's mission is diagnosing the Need and Prescribing the Long Term Care Solution.

After spending two years on a service mission for his church overseas in Japan, Jeff decided to pursue two degrees in International Business and Economics and go on to earn a minor in Japanese. Without wasting any time after his undergrad, Jeff decided to go right into graduate school and participated in an accelerated program which he earned a Master’s Degree in Business Administration in less than a year. He decided to take all of this education and put it to good use and join his father in helping others with their Long Term Care planning.

Jeff never wanted to become a salesman of any kind. With his passion of education and leadership, what he did know is that he wanted to help people and provide for his family and work with his father. So he joined his father and has helped lead a national brokerage which specialize in Long Term Care planning. When his oldest son was born having a lot of medical issues which required him to be in the NICU for four and half months, it was the nurses that got him and his wife through the difficult times. Doctors would come and go, but it was the nurses that always stuck around. That has stayed with Jeff and he has come to a greater appreciation for what nurses do. Jeff has been able to combine his passion for helping others with long term care and his desire to give back to nurses by helping them with their long term care planning by being a Nurse LTC Advocate for Anchor Health Administrators.

He is married to the love of his life Marie and has three children. Marie is a walking medical miracle herself who is permanently not insurable which reminds him to appreciate having options and how important it is to plan for the future. Jeff’s son Walter, another walking miracle who was not expected to live provides Jeff living proof of the necessity of having the appropriate coverage to protect your family from financial ruin. Jeff’s inquisitive and curious daughter Abigail is there to remind him that you have to explore the world around you and meet new people. Jeff’s son Donny is a reminder that things can go as planned.  Jeff’s family is what provides him his inspiration and motivation to work as hard as he can both at home, church, and at work. 

When Jeff is not working, you can find him serving in his church and trying to keep up with his young family. He enjoys working around the house, playing sports, and watching movies. You can also find him serving in his church and trying to keep up with his young family. Jeff is an Eagle Scout and enjoys serving in the local troop and teaching the young men in his congregation.


OFFICE PHONE: (509) 348-0206

CELL PHONE: (804) 240-7484