Our Advocates

Long Term Care (LTC) Advocates at Anchor Health Administrators are more than just long term care planning experts. After two plus decades of LTC Advocacy for Nurses and their families, they are focused, passionate, specialists in the LTC needs of nurses. That means that LTC Advocates will put forth every effort to determine which LTC program offers the best possible benefits and features, with the best premium value, by determining every possible Nurse discount. LTC Advocates thoroughly understand Long Term Care Insurance and the industry and represent only the top companies and solutions. LTC Advocates are focused on properly educating you, so that you can make an informed decision on which personal LTC protection is going to offer the broadest protection for you the Nurse and your family.

Thanks to advances in technology, LTC Advocates have a greater ability to reach more nurses now more than ever with the help of computers and phones and are anxious to assist you in your enrollment.Each Advocate has their own story to tell about how he or she became a LTC Advocate. Most Advocates will agree that they became LTC Advocates as a means of gratitude for all that Nurses do by making sure they are taken care of in the future with their Long Term Care just as well as Nurses take care of their patients. 

LTC Advocates are committed to being the face of your policy and your liaison with the insurance company going forward. They will advocate for you when applying for coverage, will always be happy to answer any and all questions while coverage is in place and personally assist you when it comes time to open a claim for you or a family member. 

You could say and you would be correct that for Nurse LTC coverage planning and on-going service, our LTC Advocates are the ones honored to take care of you!