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Long-Term Care Insurance Member Benefit Program

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Welcome ANA Nurses to your resource for Long Term Care (LTC) Planning!


For almost three decades, Anchor Health Administrators (AHA) has been dedicated to providing comprehensive Long-Term Care (LTC) Program Planning for eligible Nurses and their Spouses. We are a specialist team of  Nurse LTC Advocates, solely focused on providing the superior mentoring Nurses and their Spouses personally seek, regarding this serious subject of Long-Term Care Planning. Due to the aforementioned, AHA takes great pride in continuing forward as the "Official LTC Provider and Designated Advocate for ANA and C-SNAs, Nationwide". The Nurse LTC Program is designed to provide multiple resources, products and funding options to address the Nurse personal LTC needs. Nursing is a dedicated field of Advocacy for others in "their time of need". And, as a result of the Nurse's Advocacy for the Patient in need, the collective result of the Nurse's service can be however, challenging health issues that can become a significant issue for a Nurse seeking to qualify for their LTC coverage. Daily, we at AHA are constantly calling upon our specialist Advocate skills to seek-out the best appropriate source of LTC protection for the Nurse in "their time of need". Now, it is passed to us at AHA to serve as the LTC Advocate for the Nurse and, the Spouse of the Nurse.

We embrace this responsibility and take it to heart!

Exclusive benefits and program highlights for ANA Members include:


  • Free Long Term Care needs assessment from an ANA, C-SNA, LTC, Specialist Advocate
  • Affordable LTC coverage options with Nurse-focused benefits emphasized
  • Multiple Discounts Options Including: Association Discounts for Members and their Spouses, up to: 30% Spousal discount, up to 15% preferred health discounts and possible additional discounts we can discover
  • Paid Home Health Care provider can be Family Member or Friend
  • Waiver of premium when on claim
  • 30-day free-look so your satisfaction is guaranteed


As a Nurse, you readily recognize the importance of the quality of care as well as the high costs associated with it. This is why planning for you and your family’s Long-Term Care needs is increasingly important to us all.

For your free, no obligation consultation with a specialist LTC Nurse Advocate, you are invited to complete the information request form or call us toll-free at 1-844-RN-PLANS (1-844-687-7267).

"Anchor Supports and Advocates Membership in ANA and C-SNA’s Nationwide"