About Us

We at Anchor, continue to be honored and energized to embrace the responsibility of "Official LTC provider and Designated Advocate for ANA."

For almost 3 decades, Anchor has specialized in the development and implementation of the very latest cutting-edge LTC coverage technology and advances, along with a broad study of Nurses' specific health profiles, to create personal information centered Advocate services. We've gotten pretty good at it.

We have a broad group of the best rated LTC programs to insure we can objectively seek out and Advocate for the best coverage for the individual ANA member and their Family. The LTC programs are competatively priced, with multiple RN discounts we can ad, with rates that remain stable.

We at Anchor, are accountable first and foremost to the Nurses we serve as their LTC Advocate. When LTC coverage is placed, our relationship with our Nurse is not over; actually it has just begun. We encourage Nurses to call their personal Advocate on his/her direct line to ask questions, review the LTC coverage, assist with questions on their LTC claim paper-work, or to provide additional helpful LTC Advocate information for the Nurse, or a Family member.

We invite Nurses to contact an ANA, LTC Advocate at 1-844-RN-PLANS, 1-(844-767-5267), for free information to determine the LTC planning program information that can be provided in the individual Nurse's best interest.


At Anchor, the Nurses, we Serve.

"Everyday courage has few witnesses.
But yours is no less noble because no
drum beats for you and no crowd shouts
your name."

Scottish poet and novelist: Robert Louis Stevenson